Touch of Source

I channel Source energy to you and ask Source to give you what you need and take what is holding you back  for the highest good so this is not what you want ( ego ) but really what you need for the highest good ( Soul level ) . Results are diverse but very stunning. This is a short but very powerful form of healing . I am the facilitator of the energy as it is activated and it will continue to work for a while . During or after I will give you feedback what I feel and give you further advice. duration about 15min Price 25 euro

Soul Body Fusion

This is a process where the soul is fused with the body in 3 sessions . 1st session, a week later , the 2nd and 2 weeks later , the last session . Again, I am the facilitator and I hold a space for you so that our higher self without the influence of the Ego can work . a session is 2 times 10 min fusion with 5 min break in between so you can write . your experiences Price 35 euros per individual session or order 3 for 100 euros Notice you get the best result with the 1st session , the 2nd 1 week later , to do the last session 2 weeks later ,

Clean Energy / programming and upgrading . (mainly crystals and jewelery ) but everything is energy !

I got in my spiritual quest in England in a channelling that I ‘ve gotten an “Ancient Talent ” so I can , to some extent anyone can do this but there is that I tested at least double the frequency of a crystal , while I also the possibility to program the desired the energy. ( positive only ) price depends on the size and quantity , and the desire indication 5-50 euro

Coaching via Skype or FaceTime

We will see what I can do for you and where the problems lie along price 25 euros for 15 minutes

Selling upgraded crystals that I can program for more specific price is diverse

For more information or to order something you can contact me via Contact