Healing and energy experiences

In November I had an Intuitive healing session with Robert. His natural healing abilities along with his level of skill and professionalism astounded me.

He pin-pointed three very specific ailments that I had and sent appropriate energies that were amazingly effective. I noticed symptoms from the ailments diminishing over the days following the session, and six weeks later I am still enjoying results.

In a follow-up message to him the next day, I wrote,

“I still can’t straighten my elbow completely but the stiffness is gone.

I feel flow to my (left) leg again…all the way to my toes. I’m noticing many details of activity in my left side.”

I would highly recommend consulting Robert if you are in need of physical or Spiritual healing.

Thank you, Robert, for a wonderful session. I am grateful for you for being of service to humanity and for the amazing healing work that you do, but most importantly I am grateful to you for being the Beutiful Soul that you are  Crystal Dawn Hill

Sarah B. 17-2-2014

At first, when You were sending “Touch of Source” I could feel nothing, and see nothing.. And then I remembered I didn’t do my trick to see with my third eye! So I did my trick  The trick for me is to not allow any physical Light into my eyes, my eyes must be dark so I can see the internal third eye movie screen, so I went and got my  Dark sleeping patch to cover my eyes and then within a minute I could see the Energy You could use that trick too So then I saw pink and Magenta energy swirling in my third eye, it was the Energy of Love from Source, it felt sort of like Rose Quartz, but in Liquid Form. Like Liquid Light. The Pink~Magenta Energy ( it will be different colours for other people of course) was the colour that was needed for me as I could feel something happening in My Heart Chakra As I had been the previous 4 days going through a very deep Spiritual Experience, like a Life Review of sorts with My High Ones ( Very High Frequency Spirit Guides and Angels and Ascended Masters as well as with my Higher Self ), that Love colour was the Energy that I really needed at this point in my Life. The Pink~Magenta Energy I saw in my Third Eye was doing some work in my Heart Chakra, I felt some tugging and a little bit of pain, as if something I no longer needed was being taken out, so that I could be more Joyful and in the Present moment This continued for a few minutes, the tugging sensation in my Heart got a little softer and then at one point it stopped. Then I felt the Energy move into my Throat Chakra, where It was tight. The Energy made me cry a little bit and then it opened up a little and I felt like I could breathe more easily I feel like The Energy treatment I just received will continue to integrate into my physical body and emotional and etheric bodies for a few more days. I’m feeling like it will take about 3 days to integrate it all.

 ToS experience with Claire Campbell, 26/2/2014
Received healing from Robert, and I first of all could feel energy moving around in my heart , my throat, my head and ears. This continued a long time after. I felt so relaxed, and really needed to sleep. After a nights sleep, I still feel the healing continue. I’m really grateful to Robert, it’s a very powerful yet gentle energy which seems to be clearing and moving energy that has been stuck. So thank you for this. If I have any more insights, I will share more. Have a lovely day xxx

I just received a three part cleansing session. Part 1: healing from Mother Earth; Part 2: connection with the Elements: Part 3: Touch of source.Part 1: During my connection with Mother Earth i felt very light. Everything was stripped away and only my heart remained. I saw Mother Mary kneeling with her blue shawl over her head and shoulders… my body began to rock side to side as she told me she was rocking me, nurturing me like a baby, restoring my heart and filling it with the pure love of a mother for her child: Soft and sweet. Next was warmth enveloping my bottom as the grounding and integrating was taking place. roots forming and lengthening deep into the Earth, forming a solid foundation of unconditional love. maturing me into the next phase of adult hood. Preparing for mother hood.Part 2: my connection with the elements was strong. A lot of pressure and vibration. The energy was so strong my body was physically being pushed backwards. There was no emotion involved here. Very direct and to the point. Filling me with all of the necessities for the physical body. My head tilting backwards and my eyes raising to the sky. Look to the sun and you will see clearly. The suns energy filled my body from the crown and flooded my system like water flowing through town.. water going in and out of cracks and crevasses.

Part 3: Connection with Source was direct. White light from the heavens straight into my crown. messages of complete integration of all parts. Love and protection. Then I felt pain in my middle back, neck and shoulders. I immediately grabbed my “all is well” book by louise hay which interprets emotions connected to physical pain. Middle back is holding onto guilt and shame of the past. Source was telling me to release this so I can move forward in my growth and becoming my best self. I took a deep inhale filling my soul with courage and strength and a long exhale while asking source to remove all negativity.

I appreciated the conversation after. You asked me what the Guilt and shame was doing and I responded with blocking me from moving forward and attaining my goals. The conversation allowed for insight I had not received myself.

I awake and feel I can move forward courageously and succeed in any challenge with strength. I am a warrior!
Thank you

I received energy from Robert and I was amazed as we are in different countries but he could feel that I had a stomach and head ache…afterwards I felt a warmth and much more relaxed…I can’t explain how it works but it does, thank you!

Touch of Source of Experience in Karine Wear Beek 22-2-2014
Lively, quick movements inside, energies that went up and down, especially in the stomach area and up and down to the feet. SO I felt this healing physically. Which thanks Karine Van Waerebeek

Touch of Source Experience in An Ruigrok Van Der Swirl 23-2-2014
My feeling with Touch of Source was the difference of what I felt heat
During the treatment of Robert remotely. I felt my heart suddenly and it was hot
Even my orgonite was charged through him, I felt the difference of appearance before and after .. it seemed more balanced About half an hour after or Sourche Yet I felt wonderfully happy peaceful and loving.