Past Life Session

A session focused on past lives.
Who were you then? What did you do? What happened? What have you experienced? What was you task/role when? What have you learned? What went well and what went less well? What features you had then, but now you seem to have forgotten? What was the big lesson in that life?
All questions that we can go to.
And the complaints and problems you have in this life? In which life is the origin and the reason of it?
Would you want to bring positive attributes to this life?
This is a guided meditation where I’ll guide you to your past lives, in which you can find answers to all these questions and more!
The special feature of this technique is that both the client and the counselor can perceive.
You can arrange in advance where you want to go to or we can let it open and leave it to spirit what is best for you.
A session can be received on: location, Skype, telephone or on an Exchange, please contact me for the possibilities.
Price. 50. + euros for half an hour then per quarter 25.-