Transformation Group Healing

Would you like to arrange a healing evening or afternoon with a number of friends, neighbors, acquaintances or other like-minded? This, in a friendly and open atmosphere? Where everyone gets attention and their turn? In a energy, which perfectly supports so that there is a  lot of opportunity that magic can happen? Where you can make a very big step in your development? Really a transformation time!
Please contact me and ask for the possibilities! Minimum number of participants is 4! There is no maximum. t/m 5 people price 50.00 euro pp 6 or more persons price euro 45.00 pp
The extra cost will be divided on the number of km fee participants.
I come  to you or to one of the groups home on visit where we will have a  beautiful time of transformation,
I get to feel and to know what someone lacks or hinders and the cause of that, so that awareness can arise and it can be transformed. I assist people, I am a medium and healer.
The evening (or other part of the day) lasts approximately between 2.5 and 3 hours consists of the following:
Opening and introduction Everyone comes personally to the turn.

The Group energy that we create will serve that everyone gets what he/she needs

1st healings round


2nd healings round

Closing healings round.

Presentation of brought stones and crystals Option of buying above
This session is thus a group healing where there is lots of individual attention is which will be included in the Group process. So everyone that will get what he or she needs.

At any time it is possible to ask questions and we will be going in rhere.

For questions and information, please contact me

my kind regards,

Touch or Source