Light Language Activations.

Light language for me is:

a certain energy that can express itself in different forms.

By: voice, vocal, intuitive movements, or Scripture and sacred geometry. I also engrave Light language in Selenite.
This energy is reflected in the way that is most consistent with you and will then activate certain things in you. This can be very  different for everyone. By remembering parts of yourself, or the removal of certain obstacles remaining in your system that were present.
I tune into your energy and on the source and translate than what may come, I incorporate this then, on your highest purpose.

The price is: euro 33,-
What do you get for this price?
15 min. Light language activation.
an A4 full of Light language (colour or pencil) which you can use for 4 weeks. (by post or email)
A hand-crafted Selenite heart or Selenite soap with light language on you.

Interest or questions? send a message!