About me

My name is Robert , in 2009 I have done Reiki I, followed by Reiki II in 2011, some years later,  I came in contact with a medium in the Hague. This opened my eyes and has given me many answers and made me aware that there is so much more, than what we think and of what we are aware of. Since 2010 I am actively working to develop me on a personal and spiritual level. After following a 4 year of training as a physical therapist, I choose the alternative sector. This because I want to really help people and not just treat the symptoms. I see the training and internships to physical therapist not as a wast but as additional knowledge and experience which I can apply in my further life. But an intuitive healer and a medical medium, what exactly is that? For me:  I follow intuition and my feelings and don’t let me lead through my head but I feel through my whole being, and thereby i get and feel automatically what can happen and what is allowed to happen. And as medical medium I get to feel and to know what is causing the problems or complaints and what is the source of it. My view is that everything is in ourselves and everything has an energetic cause. Where we self are responsible for.
In the beginning all religions were pure,  its the people who have given their own twist to it. There are many roads that lead to Rome, it is up to each one to find the best path for themselves.

My development:
Personal development is very important to me.  In the past different i followed different workshops and courses, namely: basic and advanced Theta healing,, Rhythm and Crystal remote viewing of the Soul. After these workshops  my own channel and connection got activated whereby I no longer was depended on others. But of course it is always interesting to develop more and that is why I did in the last time these workshops: : teeth Healer 1 + 2 and special workshop on the eyes. It has brought me closer to myself and offer many possibilities. This has also enhanced the original Touch, of Source healing  Further explanation can be found under the various services that I offer. For me it is clear that I want to develop myself further. Furthermore, I visit regularly the meetings ET Healing by Healing Center Beyond Medicine and have done The Reconnection and the Pathfinder Weekend in 10-2017, all of which have contributed to my growth and development. I am a regular visitor to England. Especially of Glastonbury, which is always a huge boost to my development. In addition to the energetic cleansing programming and upgrading of crystals  I also started handcrafting in January 2016 and cutting of selenite, I have found this to be a nice added value. Look under the heading of Selenite for examples.
Respect everyone but especially yourself!