Dolmens workshop un-cover your Self!

Dolmens in dutch is Hunebedden, workshop un-cover your Self!


What is the purpose of this workshop?

Introduction of the group.

How do you connect with a Hunebed?

In what ways can a Hunebed help us?

What information do you get from a Hunebed?

What does the Hunebed indicate how it can help you at this moment?

Different methods of making contact with the Hunebed and working together with the Hunebed.

Which ceremonies comes up?

In what way can a Hunebed help you to be more in your power by depriving ourselves of burdens?

And what else is allowed to unfold in the energy!

How does it work?

When you would like to join, you please let me know how many days you would be interested in and the amount of time that you can spend, like amount of desired days or part of the day. After this I will sense and indicate which Dolmens are the most suitable for the registered group. Based on this I will make you a proposal regarding the dates and Dolmens

. Then we come together at a predetermined point. Where carpooling is desired in the further transport. After acquaintance and introduction and explanation by me, we will visit the dolmens and other special places (trees, portals). We will be guided by the Spirits and our intuition. Certain formations and formulas will be formed. We will remember ancient knowledge and special ceremonies will  arise naturally. This will be something that, besides that we do this for ourselves, will also have an effect on the collective energies. There is a lot of room for input of questions, personal attention and / or other comments. And of course we will take breaks during the longer trips. You are responsible for your own food and drinks.

Here is some further information: Almost everyone knows “Stonehenge” in England and or has heard of “the Tor” of Glastonbury or other beautiful power places on the earth. But what do we actually have in the Netherlands? I myself had not considered that we also have such beautiful places in the Netherlands. Until some time ago I got the feeling that I had to go to the Hunebeds. When I arrived at the first Hunebed it became clear to me why, I was allowed to clean and activate all these beautiful places of strength. And that is what I did at all the Hunebedden in Drenthe.

What are Dolmens? ‘Hunebedden’ is the name used for the burial chambers of the New Stone Age (Neolithic) that occur in the north of the Netherlands, especially in the Provence  Drenthe. They date from the middle phase of the Neolithic (3400-2850 BC). The name hunebed has been in use since the 17th century for the burial chambers, the oldest Dutch landmarks. A dolmen consists of a series of trilitons or ‘yokes’, that is to say a combination of two paving stones and a capstone, with always a keystone at both short ends, often a short access (portal) in the middle of one of the long sides and sometimes a wreath of stones around the hill. The holes between the paving stones were filled with tipping stones. This stone structure was for the most part hidden from view by an earthen mound. Researchers think that only the tops of the deckstones protrude above that earthen hill. Dolmens are available in many shapes and sizes. The smallest hunebed is in Bronneger and has only two capstones, the largest can be found in Borger and has no less than nine. And then there is the so-called long grave in Emmen, which consists of two small dolmens surrounded by an oval stone wreath with a diameter of 40 m.Dolmens served as burial chambers. For many generations, there were deaths in these burial chambers. So they were collective graves, but not graves where all the dead were buried. We do not know the details because the human remains have completely disappeared. What remained are the stone tools, the jewelry and the pottery that the dead were given. This is information as it is given,

But what are the Dolmens from my point of view? Dolmens are not literally burial chambers but they are figurative! In all the information that I have read about this subject, there is only once a case that someone would have found a human remains, but otherwise there is no proof. And this is in line with my view, that Hunebedden play a figurative role, where you can go to, so that the old parts of ourselves that no longer serve us, may be transformed. For me, therefore, it is not burial chambers but transformation chambers / transformation gates! and they are exactly on so-called power places, a crossing of Ley lines.

I have visited every Hunebed and felt what the energy had for effect. I now organize 1 or more Hunebeddendagen where we visit a number of dolmens with a group. When you are interested, I would like to ask you to sign up at and indicate which dates you can start from today until the end of this year. And whether you are interested in 1 day or several days. Pay attention! Each Hunebed has its own function and operation, based on the applications I will compile groups and I will then divide which Dolmens are the most suitable for this group. What do I offer? A transforming day or days, during which we visit different dolmens and experience what they do with you, guided by healer / medium Robert from Touch of Source. Where we will create something very beautiful together, where the intention is to come More into your True power and closer to who you really are.


1 part of the introductory trip about 2.5-3.5 hours. Price 33, – pp. visit 3 dolmens and its surroundings.

1 full day trip 6-8 hours. Price 77.-pp. We visit many dolmens.

2 days visiting dolmens Self cater for meals and lodging (B & B) price 155.-pp.

3 days visiting dolmens Self-cater for meals and lodging (B & B) price 222.-pp.

For questions and or notification:

Heart greetings

Robert Touch of Source