Workshop Glastonbury May 2018

Remember and re-embrace the divine masculine and feminine with Arthur and Morgain in the lands of Avalon. 19-20 may Glastonbury Avalon England

Are you  interested in our event? Do you know whether or not you will enlist?  There are now different possibilities to participate: you can p[participate one day or you can now participate remotely. so that means that we take your energy with everything  what we will do, so you will receive all transmissions and activations at the moment that you is open for you during this days. This all for the price of 55  British pounds or 64 euro.

A 2day workshop in and around Glastonbury,  we will dive deep into the masculine and feminine energies, in ourselves as well as in the energies that will be brought to us, from the outside, at the sacred places. We will integrate, embrace and transform all these energies. In ourselves in the Now on Gaia. For the highest potential of all.

Jackie and Robert will be your guides, they both have a strong connection with the Arthur and Morgain energy’s. And are experienced in working with energy in all different kinds of healing methods.

They will guide you with recognizing, embracing, integrating and transforming the different masculine and feminine energy’s as well with the different masculine and feminine aspects of these.


The Program:

We will meet each other and start at 10 am in the Avalon centre in Glastonbury (address will follow)

After the introduction we will split the group in 2, group 1 will be guided by Jackie and group 2 will be guided by Robert, The next day group 1 and 2 will switch from guides.


Every day we have 3 parts, a inside part, a outside part and the 3rd part is a coming together at the end of the day with the 2 groups.


One group will start in the morning at the Avalon Centre to go inwards in ourselves with the guide. While the other group will go outside and visit some of the sacred places which will help us to cleanse and receive the necessary energies.

We will feel and look at the moment how the energy flows but the places that are on the agenda to visit are: the White Spring, Chalice Wells, The Tor, the Dragon Egg and more.


Saturday evening both groups will come together to exchange and experience the sundown together (20:59)

Sunday morning for those who are interested the chance too witness the sunset from a special place (5.12). We start again at 10 in the morning and then the groups will switch from guide.

Each group will have an inside and outside piece, Sunday evening both groups will come together again at Sundown at the Tor.



Day 1 times, 10-13 group 1 inside, group 2 outside.

13-14 lunch break.

14-17/18 group 1 outside, group 2 inside.

At sundown, a coming together with both groups.


Day 2 the same, but Jackie and Robert switch groups.


The groups will be selected by us, all according on the right energy.

Note: What is scheduled, is not solid rock, we follow our feeling or energy.

Sunday is a special day: Pentecost, standing for the Entering of the holy spirit in humanity and stands for the clear and open communication from the heart between everyone.


Price 222 British pond or 255 euro.

Join us in this workshop where we will embark on a journey to discover who we really are, on a deeper level. Become with us more of who we really are! On every level. Remember, embrace and transform!

With our guidance you will come in contact with several power spots and magical healing energies.



Personal grow and development, personal healing and groups healing, channelling, shamanism, Light language and Heart language, Geometry, conscious and unconscious healing, Angels, Spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Deva’s, Nature Spirits, all different sorts of activations, working together, Ascension, connecting and grounding.


Things you need to arrange:

-Flights to and from England (Bristol)

-Transport Bristol Airport to Glastonbury and back (you can arrange something together?)



-insurance and likewise


If you live outside the U.K:

For a trip to the U.K you need a legal passport.

You don’t need special vaccines .

The currency is British pounds

You could need an adapter to charge things


To join or for more information  please contact Jackie Scholaardt or Robert Heiwegen