Touch of Source


What is a Touch of Source Healing?

In short:

I feel and or get to know which old energies are blocking you at this time, and here we can  work on. with unconditional love and free will, it is the intention that you are freed from the old energies and gets back the new energy that is meant for you from the Creator. In the best and easiest way.

I connect with Source and with you and energy is transferred through Source, I ask Source to give you what you need and take away from you what holds you back, know, you will get what you need for the highest good (Soul). and not what you want with your head (Ego). The results are varied but always very special. This is a very powerful form of healing. I am the facilitator of the energy as it is initiated and it will continue to work for a while afterwards, sometimes a few days, sometimes up to two weeks, people can feel the effect of the healing. During the healing I feel what energy is doing in you and I reflect this directly back to you so you get both the unconscious and conscious effects. Direct communication is prefered because it makes the healing more effective.

In addition, I check the seven main chakras to feel whats going on en to feel what the energy is doing.  Like if some old energy is leaving or new positive energy is introduced.

So this is something that will happen every time, I can also also ask Source to help you with a specific problem and you might get help with it. These problems can be anything from anxiety to common diseases. Some of the experiences are eg. With hay fever, headache, back pain, neck pain, stress, upset stomach and so on.

My preference is to do it with Skype or Face Time because of the direct communication, but this is also possible without any form of communication because energy isn”t blocked by time and place

Price:  15min for 25 euros